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Sung (Justin) Jung

Sung Justin Jung is a registered Tarion Home/Condo builder and licensed REALTOR®. As a real estate developer, he finds and buys land, and finances real estate deals and any resulting developments (commercial buildings, custom homes, etc) on that land. He creates and controls real estate developments from start to finish, taking the greatest risks, but reaping the greatest rewards. Every business comes with challenges at first, but with determination and commitment, he was able to progress. “Initially, we looked for funds to develop one property,” he said, “and once we sold that, we were able to build two more properties. After we sold two, we could build four more, and that’s how we grew.”

He also buys real estate and makes improvements to existing properties. He has learned how to flip homes in any market and how to flip many homes at the same time. Often, he has five or more flips going at once. Having renovated properties, Justin is not only able to see a house for what it is, but he is able to envision what it’s capable of becoming. The renovations he did to his properties contributed to a 20% to 50% increase in his properties’ value within one to two years. He also owns 5 long term properties that are providing great cash flow.

Through his highly successful real estate business background of more than 15 years, he is able to provide clients with strategic counsel and market perspective. He understands the importance of making a smart investment at the right time and place. He has an innate ability to help his clients not only find the perfect home, but also create their dream home. One of his strategies for his investors and his clients (home buyers/sellers) includes renovating their purchased or selling property. Obviously, homes that can be purchased below the market value with minimal repair required are optimal investments, but difficult to find. It is anticipated that every home will require at least cosmetic improvement to bring the home up to its maximum value and allow it to be sold quickly. Buying or selling a home is a very complex and long process without expert advice. In addition, knowing and negotiating the right price for your house needs complete understanding of the real estate market and current conditions. He knows how to spot opportunities and navigate high stakes real estate transactions. Justin takes pride in helping his clients with all their real estate needs, whether you are selling your house or buying one.